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Avoiding Late Fees

One of the most common of penalties is the late fee. Avoiding late fees is simple, pay on time or pay a little early. The fine for turning in your rent late is $5 a day. You are already paying a fair price for the property, pay on time and avoid paying extra.

Leave the property clean.

Leave your property clean and in good condition. You pay a deposit to offset the costs of cleaning up a home, if necessary. Unfortunately it is becoming more common to not return the deposit. This is your money kept in reserve for when you decide to move on, don't waste it by leaving the property a mess.

How do I Apply for a Rental?

Applying to rent a property is easy. Click here to download our rental application. Once this is filled out you can fax it to (801)747-5208, or email a scanned copy to

Am I Qualified to Rent?

Qualifying for a rental property requires a few steps. There are three simple steps that determine if and what you are qualified to rent.

First thing, you can click here for a copy of our rental application.

Second, to determine how much money you can allocate for rent look at your take home pay. Housing should be no more than 30-50% of your expenses. For a clear picture create a budget. Include your monthly take home pay (after taxes), any recurring payments including credit card debt, student loans, car payments, a realistic food budget and utility payments. After all of your expenses, with the 1/3 rule to see how much you can qualify to rent.

Third, request a copy of your credit report. If there are blemishes in your financial history this can impact your ability to rent, regardless of your income. Make a plan to pay all of your bills on time. Work towards paying down your debt, especially high interest consumer debt. This will improve your credit score and increase your ability to rent, lease or buy a property.

Fourth, create a cushion in your finances for your deposit, and unexpected expenses.

Do you Accept Pets?

Please read the details on the specific property you wish to rent in regards to pets.



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